True Stories

Super Bowl TV: $3 Million Gone in :30 Seconds decided to go for broke when they launched their new online recruiting website. A head-to-head clash against category leaders and So, did Kforce win the Super Bowl? Learn the final score and see the million dollar commercial that ran only once.

Chef Boyardee All-Star Band: Steve Gadd, Paul Schaffer and Will Lee

One grey morning, in a nondescript building on the West side of Manhattan, a veritable who’s who of musicians gathered. Not to record a new album by a best-selling artist, but to play on a Chef Boyardee kids’ commercial. Get a first-hand look at the high-paying world of advertising music and why first-call session players are always first in line.

KFC: Non-Union Jack and the Beanstalk

Start with an impending Screen Actors Guild strike. Add a frantic coast-to-coast search for the perfect Jack. Go to a bizarre casting session where everyone looks like you. And finish with a Scotch drinking actor climbing the beanstalk. This is no fairy tale. See if this commercial gets a happy ending.

Hiring Michael Bay to Direct My Short Film

Okay, this seems like a blatant name drop. Because it is. Long ago, our career paths converged for a few days. The short film I’d written was a :30 TV spot. The film’s star? Crunch ‘n Munch toffee popcorn. Read all about it and see the very early work of a blockbuster film director.

Coca-Cola Lights Up the U.S. Olympic Torch Relay

The greatest summer cross-country road trip ever imagined: Los Angeles to Atlanta, through 43 states in 84 days with a 73 person crew. Find out how Coca-Cola fired up brand awareness all along the U.S. Olympic Torch Relay route. Watch video highlights from this game-changing experiential marketing campaign.

Sudafed: Helicopters, Avalanches and Wolves

Sudafed TV commercial still showing National Ski Patrol skiing down Mount Mackenzie in British Columbia

How far would you go to shoot a cold medicine TV commercial? To the snowy peaks of the Canadian Rockies? Read how this Sudafed campaign required calling in helicopters, sidestepping avalanches and steering clear of wandering wolves. Plus, see the finished spot, endorsed by the National Ski Patrol.

Breyers Ice Cream: How Embarrassing

It was a cool assignment. Write a TV commercial to introduce Breyers ice cream to the West Coast. There was just one little problem. Okay, maybe a big problem. Find out the clever workaround and see an early performance by Fred Neuman, star of Garrison Keillor’s radio show, “A Prairie Home Companion.”

‘One Take’ Tilly – Long Shoot Day on KFC

A sunny day in Pasadena, an A-list film director and a bullet-proof script. What could go wrong? You don’t want to know. Get a behind-the-scenes peak at how a simple KFC shoot took a sudden nose dive. Watch the outtakes and judge for yourself whether the editor saved the spot in post-production.

Search for the Last Italian Pizza Slinger in NYC

Just about every block in Manhattan has a pizzeria. So when you promise your Chef Boyardee client that you’re going to deliver a real-life Italian pizza chef for their commercial, it should be easy, right? Nope, think again. Here’s what really happened and the close call that nearly left pie on my face.

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