Super Bowl TV: $3 Million Gone in 30 Seconds

Think fast. The :30 commercial below cost a cool $1.25 million to shoot, $2 million to air and it ran only once.

Make Every Second Count

Kforce chose the Super Bowl to launch their new jobsite, designed to go head-to-head against Monster and HotJobs, the category leaders. No expense was spared, including hiring the Set Designer from the original “Blade Runner” film.

Seedy storefronts shot in downtown Los Angeles in a vacated freight loading alley.

The $3 Million Dollar Question: Did the commercial do it’s job?

On game day, nearly 2.5 million hits were registered before the servers crashed. In turn, Kforce.com was backlogged with applicants for the next six months. Victory.

The commercial was voted a “Top 10” spot by USA Today and Yahoo. I was the ACD/Copywriter. Senior Art Director: Lori Sibal. Senior Producer: Aaron Royer. ECD: Richard Mahan. Director: Peter Smiley. Agency: Grey.

This commercial was archived with the help of the Paley Center for Media. Please support their efforts to preserve and celebrate our extraordinary media history.

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